Open Board Positions

credits image: Jack B | Unsplash

We are currently looking to expand our student team. In addition to carrying out the tasks described below, board members meet weekly to discuss all aspects of Soapbox. Furthermore, every position entails the possibility to work as editor in both print and online publications. Being a Soapbox member means you have a say in how the publication is run. All team members are welcome to weigh in on editorial decisions and to take part in any aspects of publishing (both online and in print). Although it is not imperative to have any previous experience, we expect the new team members to approach their responsibilities with initiative and creativity.

In general, the time commitment is expected to be between four to eight hours/week, seeing that the engagement depends on the moment of the editing process, respectively a current project. Applicants should be based in the Amsterdam area and available for at least the remaining academic year (until June 2022).

If you're interested, please email with:

  • A short motivation;
  • Your top three choices; 
  • The university and programme you're enrolled in;
  • Whether you’re interested in also doing editorial work.

We receive applications from now until September 10th.

This is an unpaid position.


  • Act as representative of Soapbox with third parties;
  • Keep an overview of and manage/coordinate/delegate all the practical aspects of the journal both print and online (finance, distribution, PR, events, funding, etc);
  • Communicate closely with the Administration person and the other teams;
  • Chair the weekly meetings.

Managing editor 

  • Delegate and oversee the editorial process for the print journal (call for papers, selecting submissions, editing rounds, peer reviewing, etc);
  • Manage and oversee the practical aspects of the journal (advertising, printing, binding, launch event, etc);
  • Communicate closely with the Administration person and the (journal) editors.

Finance and distribution

(shared between three people)

  • Keeping track of ingoing/outgoing expenses via bank account and spreadsheet, approving transactions;
  • Paying invoices;
  • Keeping track of journal sales and posting orders, sending out free copies to contributors, responding to email orders;
  • Managing the journal’s Big Cartel account and associated payment systems (Stripe, PayPal, iDEAL);
  • Keeping an inventory of the stock;
  • Reaching out to bookshops who might be interested in stocking the journal, taking copies to them and checking-in with sales.


(shared between two people)

  • Researching grants, keeping track of application deadlines, etc;
  • Applying for grants including writing application letters, budgets, sourcing additional documents, asking for letters of recommendation, etc;
  • Attend meetings with our funders and keep track of what we can ask them for;
  • Contact relevant institutions for funding per year/event/publication;
  • Dutch speaking and writing skills are a plus. 

PR and communication

  • Creating, writing and sharing social media posts on facebook, instagram, and twitter;
  • Sharing content for events;
  • Create and maintain an identity/aesthetic recognisable as Soapbox’s for each social media post. 
  • Disseminating info about events, open positions, and C4P by emailing for example the university departments, NICA, ASCA, etc.;
  • Contacting designers;
  • Contacting advertisers;
  • Act as a contact person for other third parties.

Events and collaborations

(shared between two people)

  • Coming up with ideas for and planning events such as issue launches, film screenings, any other relevant events;
  • Writing copy and coordinating communication with PR;
  • Organising production aspects of events, coordinating with the finance team;
  • Liaising with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Researching events related to the current/upcoming issue, Soapbox, and/or cultural analysis, include these in the calendar and communicate to PR.


  • Keep track of website analytics;
  • Sorting out any website or email related issues (communicating with web designer, working through the website’s backend (Webflow), and sorting out Google domains and hosting issues);
  • Uploading content to the website;
  • Regularly checking for glitches on the website.


July 25, 2021

We are currently looking to expand our team. Every position entails the possibility to work as editor in both print and online publications.

  • Editor-in-chief
  • Managing editor
  • Finance and distribution
  • Funding
  • PR and communication
  • Events and collaborations
  • IT
We receive applications from now until September 10th.
This is an unpaid position.



September 7, 2021