Trigger Warnings

Handling Sensitive Content in the Classroom

What place do trigger warnings have in the classroom? How should sensitive content be handled by professors? And what conflicts and opportunities arise from such discussions of trauma, diversity and censorship? Cultural Analysis students address these questions in depth, interviewing classmates and faculty members from the University of Amsterdam and beyond.

By critically assessing trigger and content warnings, this podcast explores not only the actual practice surrounding potentially ‘triggering’ content in the academy, but also the complex issues such terminology takes for granted. Listen to or download the trigger warnings podcast below.

Podcast created by:

  • Corina van Beelen
  • Charley Boerman
  • Tamara Breugelmans
  • Rijk Kistemaker
  • Robin Goudsmit
  • Merel Simons
  • Sara Vuorio


  • Dr. Jules Sturm
  • Dr. Aminata Cairo
  • Dr. Maryn Wilkinson
  • Flora Woudstra
  • Sabrina Stallone
  • Callum McLean

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