Walking in Art

Art and Activism (series)


In this series, students from the Graduate School of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) explore the complex overlaps and conversations between art and activism. They seek to illustrate how artistic practices often speak to the urgency of protest and activism, and how activism intertwines with the demands of art. In the form of close analysis, interviews, and creative responses, these works trace the prevalent links between art and activism through the relationships between space, the everyday, and explicit or underlying modes of resistance.

These podcast episodes were created by students in the masters course Art and Activism, and were originally published here.


This episode thinks about walking as not only an essential human act, but also an effective form of
resistance, which has attracted artists and activists alike. Guided by walking exercises you are invited
to explore your environment while or between learning about the meaning of your own bodily
movement in and through space – especially thinking through the category of gender and how the
latter alters your walking practice and its significance.


Mijs Besseling & Lynn Gommes

Johanna von Kietzell

Mijs Besseling, Lynn Gommes, Simone van der Steen & Johanna von Kietzell

Simone van der Steen


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