Erwin Hurenkamp
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August 28, 2018

Erwin Hurenkamp: Touching/Feeling

Thinking Trough Things (series)

Can objects care for us? And if so, in what ways? How does texture mediate our relations with our close environment? What is it about softness that makes us want to feel it, touch it? What kind of associations and affects does soft material evoke? Why do children attach so much affective value to their plush animals? Why do we cry into pillows at moments of sadness and despair?

Placing soft items, reminiscent of everyday domestic objects, in a non-domestic space asks us to reorient ourselves towards them. With plush and fabric and thread, Erwin invites people to rethink and, more importantly, to re-feel their relation to texture and affect.

Photo credits: Roselinde Bon and Oliver Tänzer

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