Luca Soudant
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August 28, 2018

Luca Soudant: Traces of a Momentary Queer Community

Thinking Trough Things (series)

How does thinking about affect and (nonhuman) agency help us in queering the museum?

This question guided Luca through a workshop she conducted for Van Abbemuseum’s ‘Queering the Collection’ programme. She took this moment to sit down with human bodies that have personal, political, intimate, academic, artistic or other affiliations with queerness. Together, they tried to untangle ‘affect’ and ‘agency’ for their practical and political implications in the museum space. They were vulnerable and learned from each other.

The drawings shown are the result of asking the participants to draw affect. They are educational memories of an un- consumable moment. They capture instances of thought by multiple individuals. They are traces of a precious queer community that erupted during that afternoon in that very museum space. They are streaks of knowledge that do not cover academic standards but inform us of something beyond language.

Photo Credits: Roselinde Bon and Oliver Tänzer

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